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Hamas on Saturday condemned the European Union's position towards the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip that mounted in a ground invasion late Saturday.

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images_news_2009_01_03_f-16plane_300_0The IOF troops have committed Saturday fresh massacre against Palestinian worshipers in Gaza as Israeli warplanes bombed a local mosque in the northern Gaza Strip and demolished it over heads of tens of Palestinian worshippers inside, local eyewitnesses confirmed.
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Egypt strangles Gaza Strip, derails int'l assistance to starving Palestinians

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images_news_2009_01_03_rafah12_300_0Palestinian officials have affirmed Saturday that tens of tons of Arab and international aid allocated to Gaza Strip were stocked in the Egyptian city of Al-Areesh as Egyptian authorities deliberately delayed transporting that aid to the Gaza people.
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Despite the carnage in Gaza, Mubarak is not going to open the Rafah crossing

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images_news_2009_01_02_husni-olmert_300_0The Egyptian president, Husni Mubarak said on Thursday that he cannot open the Rafah crossing for humanitarian help without a permission from the Israeli occupation.
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New Israeli raids on Gaza kill Palestinian girl, two Qassam fighters

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images_news_2009_01_03_pal-victim_300_0-202x300Israeli military raids on northern and eastern Gaza Strip have killed at an early hour Saturday a little Palestinian girl and two Qassam fighters.
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Jihad: Calls for dialog incompatible with quelling popular demos

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images_news_2009_01_03_pa-quelling_300_0The Islamic Jihad Movement has strongly criticized the quelling by PA security apparatuses in the West Bank of popular demonstrations and rallies to support their brothers in "steadfast Gaza".
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441 Palestinians including over 70 children killed by Israel since last Saturday

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images_news_2009_01_04_for-sake-of-allah_300_0Israel continued for the eighth consecutive day its military attacks against civilian targets throughout the Gaza Strip resulting in the death of 441 Palestinians including more than 70 children.
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Falk: Aggression on Gaza serious violation of the int'l humanitarian law

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images_news_2009_01_03_gaza-child2_300_0The UN human rights rapporteur, Richard Falk, has described the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip coupled with the tight siege on it as a serious and blatant violation of the international humanitarian law.
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Mishaal: This war has been imposed on us, resistance infrastructure intact

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images_news_2009_01_03_mishaal-2_300_0The head of the Hamas political bureau, Khalid Mishaal said, in a televised speech on Friday, that the resistance infrastructure in the Gaza Strip is still intact and warned the IOF of the consequences of a ground invasion.
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Reflections on the Israeli holocaust in Gaza

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images_news_2009_01_03_gaza010109a_300_0 Comment by Khalid Amayreh
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