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Israel ceaselessly loots Palestinian natural resources: Authority

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Gaza22Feb1RAMALLAH (PNIC):-The Palestinian Environmental Quality Authority on Sunday said that the Israeli occupation constantly attempts to take control of all Palestinian natural resources.

The Authority said in a statement that the Israeli occupation authorities have repeatedly seized Palestinian springs and natural reserves and turned them into tourist areas or used them for settlement expansion purposes.

The statement also highlighted Israel's land-razing policy practiced on a regular basis in the occupied Palestinian territories, asserting that these attacks are clear evidence of Israel's attempts to uproot the Palestinians from their lands and thwart any possibility of establishing an independent Palestinian state.

The Authority stressed in its statement, issued on the Palestinian Environment Day, the importance of raising awareness and encouraging Palestinian citizens to take care of the environment in all possible ways.

The 5th March marks the Palestinian Environment Day which was approved by the Palestinian Council of Ministers following a proposal by the Environmental Quality Authority in 2015, and it precedes the World Environment Day by three months.

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