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Haneyya: Israel will fail in achieving its goals in Gaza

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images_news_2009_01_01_haneyya_300_0Ismail Haneyya, the premier of the PA caretaker government in Gaza, has asserted that the Israeli military adventure in the Gaza Strip would end up in failure and would achieve none of its goals.

Haneyya, addressing the Palestinian people in a speech broadcast on the Aqsa TV station on Wednesday evening, said that what is going on in Gaza is a real war. "This is a war without ethics or principles that surpassed all norms and heavenly and earthly morals. It is a war of annihilation in which all types of weapons are being used and in which none is being spared," he elaborated.

However, the premier stressed that the Palestinian internal front was solid and the people of Gaza would emerge victorious.

The enemy wanted to employ this war of genocide to liquidate a cause and to end a certain project, Haneyya said, asserting that the war was not against Hamas or the government despite being its declared purpose, "but in fact the war is directed against all Palestinians and against their potentials, institutions and property, and is targeting the Palestine cause and the Palestinians' future".

The Islamic Ummah (Nation) and the free world would not accept continuation of this "mad war" on an unarmed people and a tiny strip of land, the premier opined.

He said that the popular and official protests worldwide against this war indicates that Gaza was not alone in the face of the aggression, and indicates that the oppression befalling Gaza is big and finally that it has occupied the hearts of millions of freedom loving peoples around the world.

The premier underscored that the Palestinian people's main battle was and would continue to be with the Israeli occupation of their lands, adding that the Palestinians would not get involved in marginal battles.

He reiterated demands for ending siege, halting aggression and opening crossings including that of Rafah.

Haneyya renewed welcome to national dialogue but said that it should be preceded by a number of steps on the part of the PA chief and his leadership in Ramallah topped by releasing all political detainees in the West Bank, declaring unequivocally the demand for opening all Gaza crossings and ending the siege and finally desisting from the hostile propaganda campaigns.

The premier concluded his speech by saying, "victory is near".

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