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Hamas delegation visits Cairo to discuss means of halting IOF aggression

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images_news_2009_01_05_hamas-flag3_300_0A delegation of the Hamas Movement is set to travel to Egypt on Monday for talks with Egyptian officials on means of halting the Israeli occupation forces' aggression on the Gaza Strip that entered its tenth consecutive day.
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7 IOF tanks destroyed, one helicopter downed and 11 soldiers killed

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images_news_2009_01_05_wounded-boy-gaza040109_300_0The Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, said on Sunday night that its fighters killed 11 IOF soldiers and wounded 48 others since the start of the land offensive 24 hours ago.
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Al-Qassam: Our fighters inflicted heavy casualties in the ranks of IOF troops

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images_news_2009_01_04_in-hell_300_0 Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, said that its fighters inflicted heavy casualties on the invading IOF troops in the east and north of the Gaza Strip, affirming that it managed to kill more than five Israeli soldiers and wound about 30 others.
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Hamas condemns EU stand toward ground aggression

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images_news_2009_01_04_gaza-children_300_0Hamas on Saturday condemned the European Union's position towards the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip that mounted in a ground invasion late Saturday.
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Hamas regrets PA persecution of demos

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images_news_2009_01_03_pa-quelling_300_0Ra'fat Nassif, one of Hamas's political leaders in the West Bank, has expressed regret over the PA security apparatuses' obstruction of popular demonstrations against the Israeli massacre in Gaza, beating up participants and arresting a number of them.
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European mediators table truce proposal with Hamas, give int'l guarantees

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images_news_2009_01_03_islamic-movement-1_300_0Arab official sources revealed that there are Turkish and European initiatives offered to the Hamas Movement in Damascus urging it to stop rocket attacks in exchange for a long-term truce including the opening of all Gaza crossings with international guarantees.  
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Barhoum: Hamas is steadfast and is leading the resistance and social services

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images_news_2009_01_02_barhoum-2_300_0-293x300Hamas condemned what it called "programmed tarnishing process targeting the movement" and described it as a desperate attempt to incite against the movement. The movement called on those Arabs who cannot support the resistance, not to stab it in the back.
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Hamas calls on West Bank Palestinian people to revolt against occupation

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images_news_2009_01_01_hamas36_300_0Hamas Movement in the West Bank has affirmed Thursday that the battle in Gaza was the battle of Palestine and the battle of the Arab and Muslim Ummah and the free people of the world against the occupation.
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16 Palestinians, including prominent Hamas leader, killed in latest massacre

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israeli-occupationIsraeli occupation airforce, Thursday evening, bombed the house of Dr. Nizar al-Rayyan, killing him and 15 of his family and wounding scores of Palestinians.
The house targeted by the occupation airforce is in the crowded Jabalya refugee camp
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