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Reflections on the Israeli holocaust in Gaza

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images_news_2009_01_03_gaza010109a_300_0 Comment by Khalid Amayreh
Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 August 2011 11:38

Serri calls on int'l parties to support return of Abbas control on Gaza

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images_news_2009_01_03_pal-victim-0_300_0-225x300Special UN coordinator for middle east peace process Robert Serri called on the internat
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UNRWA finds difficulty in distributing aid due to IOF shelling

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images_news_2009_01_03_gaza-raid_300_0The UN relief and works agency (UNRWA) has announced on Friday that it was facing difficulties in convincing Gaza Strip citizens to go to the agency's aid distribution centers due to the intensified Israeli occupation forces' shelling.
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Russian authorities quell protest against Israeli aggression on Gaza

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images_news_2009_01_03_moscow-0_300_0Russian authorities unexpectedly detained about 40 people after a peaceful protest outside the Israeli embassy in Moscow demanding an end to Israel's military offensive on the besieged Gaza Strip.
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437 killed, 2200 wounded since the start of the Gaza holocaust

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images_news_2009_01_02_rayyan_s_child_300_0Twelve Palestinians, including six children and a woman, have been killed on Friday, the seventh day of the Gaza holocaust being perpetrated by the Israeli occupation airforce.

Palestinian medical sources stated, befor

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Three children of the same family killed in one Israeli occupation airstrike

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images_news_2009_01_02_israeli-drone_300_0Three Palestinian children from the same family died in an Israeli occupation airstrike at the Qarara village east of the northern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis, bringing the number of children killed in one week to 70.
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Human rights society: Saudi security quelled pro-Gaza rally, arrest Qarni

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images_news_2009_01_02_demo-support-gaza_300_0The Saudi security forces have arrested two Saudi citizens attempted to organize a pro-Gaza rally in the Saudi capital Riyadh, the AFP quoted member of the Saudi "human rights first" society as saying.
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IOA seals off West Bank, blocks worshippers from praying at Aqsa

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images_news_2009_01_02_aqsa19_300_0The Israeli occupation army has imposed a hermitic closure on the West Bank for two days starting Thursday midnight on fears that fierce confrontations could erupt with the Palestinian people over the IOF carnage in Gaza.
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Qaradawi: Muslim Ummah is duty-bound to defend Gaza

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images_news_2009_01_01_khudari_300_0Prominent Muslim scholar Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradawi has affirmed Friday that the Muslim Ummah from Morocco to Indonesia was duty-bound to defend the Gaza Strip, and to protect Muslim lands from the enemies.
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