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Gaza Returns to Donkey Days

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plf_returnsThe garbage trucks of Gaza city are at a standstill due to an ongoing fuel shortage affecting all aspects of daily life, including garbage collection, sewage and waste disposal and other vital services. But the local donkeys are here to help.

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Israel to Demolish Five Homes in East Jerusalem

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plf_demolish_israelThe Israeli municipality Wednesday handed out demolition orders for five Palestinian houses in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan under the pretext of building without permit, according to the home owners.

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Medicine Shortage In Gaza Threatens Lives

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plf_shortageThe Ministry of Health in the besieged Gaza Strip says the lives of hundreds of patients are at risk over the lack of medication due to the "Israeli" blockade.

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Israel Hides Nukes Behind “Ambiguity” Wall

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israelinuclearThis week’s Geneva nuclear table talks pit Iran against the Big Five Security Council members, plus Germany.
Iran sits alone at the table, seeking release from its “sanctions jail” incarceration from its jailers, the Big Five plus one nations.
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Five Years a Zionist Lackey, Fifteen Minutes an American President

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obamaObama’s rhetorical exercise in ‘peace talk’ at the United Nations General Assembly impressed few delegations and even fewer Americans: Far more eloquent are his five years of wars, military interventions, cyber-spying, drone murders, military coups and the merciless prosecution of patriotic truth tellers. If his ‘peace message’ fell flat, the explicit affirmations of imperial prerogatives, threats of military
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Time to end Israel’s nuclear weapons

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israeli_weaponsWith Syria having signed on the Chemical Weapons Ban Treaty, it is time to divest the Zionist entity of its massive arsenal of nuclear weapons as well to make the Middle East region a nuclear weapons-free zone.
With the Syrian government’s pledge to give up its chemical weapons, it is time to shine the light on the only
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As bloody Kenya siege continues for second day, FBI investigating claims of Americans' involvement

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plf_2_artBy Pete Williams, Richard Esposito and Simon Moya-Smith, NBC News

The FBI is investigating whether as many as five Americans are among the small team of terrorists who took over a Kenyan mall and launched a bloodbath that has left at least 68 dead and 175 injured over two days of carnage.

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The History of Palestine and Its Occupation

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plf_16_palestine_issueWhat are the roots of the Palestinian issue? This issue dates back to a time when a group of globally influential Jews thought of establishing an independent country for the Jews. The British government tried to use this notion as a solution to its own problems.

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Article exposes Zionist plans to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock

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plf_20_Third-TempleThursday, 20 June 2013 / By Daniel Ben Simon, Al-Monitor Israel Pulse – I went to visit the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem to see how the preparations for the establishment of the new temple were getting on. For hundreds of Israelis, the task of renewing the temple has become the job of their lives.

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