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Gaza keeps suffering from extreme weather, flooding

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The Gaza Strip has witnessed extreme weather and severe flooding over the past several days, 
People in some neighborhoods have been forced to leave their homes due to the floods triggered by poor infrastructure, which was damaged in Israel’s latest war on the besieged strip.
floodgaaThe flooding has forced residents in the Nafaq neighborhood to stay indoors, waiting for emergency aid.
“It happened last year, and it's happening again now. The water level has exceeded two and a half meters and flooded into my home. We had to stay on the second floor after our apartment was completely flooded. We will lose our home this way,” an affected Gaza resident told 
Gazan authorities have rushed to deal with the crisis, with repair operations underway to enhance the capacity of drainage systems.
The devastating floods have already badly affected Gazans, with prices of their homes sharply decreasing. “Nobody is interested in this land as water floods destroyed the farmlands. I had to evacuate and rent a home in a different neighborhood. This is unfair,” another Gaza resident said.
The flooding has exacerbated the already dire humanitarian situation in Gaza caused by the Israeli blockade and the unprecedented destruction from the regime’s brutal war.
More than 2,100 Palestinians were killed in the recent Israeli onslaught on Gaza, which started on July 8 and ended 50 days later.
Major parts of infrastructure from roads to sewage treatment plants were also seriously damaged in the Israeli assaults. However, Gaza’s reconstruction has yet to begin three months after the war.
The strip has been under Israel's crippling siege since 2007.

Israeli forces shoot Palestinian man north of the Gaza Strip

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A Palestinian man has been shot and injured by Israeli forces in the Palestinian town of Jabalia, north of the Gaza Strip.


Israel’s latest violation of a truce deal with Palestinians came just hours after Israeli forces fired upon Palestinian homes and properties near the city of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip on Friday.

Israeli forces stationed near the Kissufim military base fired upon Palestinian homes just after midnight and again in the morning, witnesses said.

On Thursday, an Israeli tank fired into the eastern Gaza Strip. Tel Aviv claims that the indecent was in response to Palestinians opening fire on an Israeli military vehicle.

On Sunday, Israeli military forces shot dead a young Palestinian man north of the besieged Gaza Strip.

Fadil Muhammad Halawah was the first Palestinian to be killed in the Gaza Strip by Israel since a truce agreement was signed in late August.

The truce agreement was signed on August 26, following indirect negotiations in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

The truce ended the Israeli military’s recent 51-day onslaught against the Gaza Strip, which killed nearly 2,140 Palestinians and injured thousands of others.

Meanwhile, the occupied West Bank has been the scene of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces over the regime’s recent desecration of al-Aqsa Mosque as well as Israel’s new settlement construction plans.

Israel has tried to change the demographic makeup of al-Quds (Jerusalem) over the past decades by constructing illegal settlements, destroying historical sites and expelling the local Palestinian population.

The al-Aqsa compound, which lies in the Israeli-occupied Old City of al-Quds, is a flashpoint. The location of the compound, known to Jews as the Temple Mount, is the holiest site in Judaism. The mosque is Islam’s third-holiest site after Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia.

Israel abducts dozen Palestinians across West Bank

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Israeli forces have abducted at least a dozen Palestinian people in overnight operations on a number of houses across the occupied West Bank.
IS ARSTAccording to reports on Wednesday, the Israeli forces arrested four Palestinians, including a young woman, in the East al-Quds neighborhood of al-Tur.
In a similar incident, the Israeli forces raided the village of Wadi Fukin, west of Bethlehem, and kidnapped thee young Palestinians.
Three more Palestinians were also abducted by Israeli forces in al-Fawwar refugee camp, to the north of the city of al-Khalil (Hebron), situated 30 kilometers (18 miles) south of al-Quds.
Israeli forces also arrested two Palestinians in Ramallah, in the central West Bank.
Tel Aviv has cited no reason for the move. 
On November 23, Israeli forces have arrested at least eleven Palestinians in overnight operations on a number of Palestinian houses across the occupied West Bank.
On September 26, the Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies said Israel was holding 540 Palestinians without trial, showing an increase in the number of these cases over the past six years.
The Palestinian human rights organization added that the number of the Palestinians in Israeli administrative detention is the highest since 2008.
According to the group, Israel has used the detention policy for scores of Palestinians arrested since June, following the disappearance and deaths of three Israeli settlers in the West Bank.
Administrative detention is a sort of imprisonment without trial or charge that allows Israel to incarcerate Palestinians for up to six months. The detention order can be renewed for indefinite periods of time.
Tensions have been running high in East al-Quds since November 18, when at least four Israelis and two Palestinians were killed in an attack on a synagogue there.

Israel to nab Palestinians over Facebook posts

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Israel has threatened to arrest the Palestinian activists who post anti-Israeli remarks on Facebook, Press TV reports.
pfbpstIn the latest wave of crackdown on Palestinian activists, Tel Aviv has vowed to take legal against those who post anti-Israeli remarks on Facebook.
Last week, 32-year-old Mahmoud Asila from the Old City of al-Quds was arrested for what the Israeli regime called incitement and spreading violent propaganda.
He is accused of posting a picture in support of recent car attacks carried out by Palestinians against Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank.
Asila has taken responsibility for his Facebook post, saying it is part of his freedom of speech.
Following Asila’s arrest, Palestinian activists lashed out at Israel’s restrictive measures to stifle freedom of speech in social networks including Facebook.
“The international law and the four Geneva conventions state that no government has the right to arrest people for their ideas or for what they publish on their pages. But Israel, which is not respecting any international law, of course will be preventing freedom of speech, especially in Jerusalem al-Quds, to keep controlling the city and humans leading the youth,” Bassem Eid, a human rights activist, told the Press TV correspondent.
“We condemn the move as it is a new attempt to silence the Palestinians living in Jerusalem al-Quds… They are arresting people for saying their opinion and publishing it on their own accounts on Facebook. It’s nonsense to consider posting on Facebook as provocation. It is actually their illegal practices that are leading to this explosion,” said Mohammad Qazzaz, a social media activist.
Over the past weeks, the occupied West Bank has been the scene of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces over the al-Aqsa Mosque.
Some Jewish settlers have been urging the Israeli regime to allow them to pray in the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.
Palestinians are extremely angry at such provocative acts, considering them as part of Israel’s plan to Judaize and desecrate the holy Islamic site.

Hamas warns Israel over Judaization law

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Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has warned Israel over a bill that seeks to Judaize the occupied Palestinian territories, describing the move as very dangerous.
hmsOn Sunday, the Israeli cabinet voted in favor of the so-called “Jewish state” law, the bill for which will be sent to Knesset (parliament) to be discussed by legislators for the first time on Wednesday.
Hamas spokesman in Gaza Mushir al-Masri said Palestinians will stand together and not let the bill take effect.
He added that Israel is after a complete takeover of the occupied territories, noting that Tel Aviv will be responsible for all the consequences of the measure.
He further said that the Palestinians are capable of blocking any Israeli law.
“The law sounds an alarm regarding Israel’s ambitions in the region, and threatens to bring about a religious war,” Hamas said on Sunday.
“The Israeli occupation is trying to protect Zionist myths and take control of Arab-populated areas, steal resources and humiliate [Palestinians],” it added.
The Palestinian resistance movement also called on the international community to take measures against Israeli’s “racist” move.
“The movement will continue to act against the Israeli occupation to overthrow the imperialist enterprise,” Hamas added.
The new plan by Tel Aviv has been seen as an extension of Israel’s efforts over the past decades to change the demographic makeup of al-Quds (Jerusalem) by constructing illegal settlements, destroying historical sites and expelling the local Palestinian population.
Palestinians argue that al-Quds is the capital of a future Palestinian independent state, and that its heritage should remain intact.

Israel strips Palestinian's widow of residency

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Israel has revoked the residency rights of the widow of one of the Palestinians involved in an attack on a synagogue in West al-Quds (Jerusalem) amid escalating tensions in the occupied Palestinian territories.
plfwidow"I have ordered the cancellation of Nadia Abu Jamal's permit.… Anyone who is involved in terror must take into account that there are likely to be implications for their family members too," Interior Minister Gilad Erdan said in a statement on Wednesday.
The statement did not specify the name of Nadia’s spouse.
Israeli rights group B'Tselem rapped the measure taken by Israelis.
"We object to this measure. It's abuse of a minister's authority and a form of collective punishment," spokeswoman, Sarit Michaelim said, adding, "She isn't accused of any harm, and the revoking of her residency status will actually mean she will be banished from her home and thrown out of the city she lives in."
"Residency and social benefits...aren't gifts or favors the authorities bestow and can then take away. They're essential aspects of people's existence," Michaeli noted.
On November 18, Palestinian cousins Uday and Ghassan Abu Jamal, reportedly armed with axes and handguns, entered the synagogue in the western al-Quds neighborhood of Har Nof, killing at least four Israelis and injuring several others including two police officers.
The assailants were fatally shot by Israeli forces.
Gaza-based Palestinian resistance movements Hamas and Islamic Jihad hailed the attack, saying it was a response to the recent hanging of Hassan Yousef Rammouni, a young Palestinian bus driver, by Israeli settlers.
Rammouni, 32, was driving back home from work on November 16 when he was abducted and then hanged by Israelis in his bus in the Ras al-Amud neighborhood of East al-Quds.

Gaza unable to rejoice this Eid

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plf eidEid Al-Adha is a few days away and the Palestinians in Gaza still live under siege after surviving a war that has killed thousands and destroyed homes.

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Autopsy shows Palestine prisoner died of blow to head

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plf blowtoheadThe result of an autopsy on the body of a Palestinian prisoner, who lost his life in an Israeli jail, shows he died from a blow to the head.

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Entire Israel within range of resistance missiles: Iran cmdr.

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plf withinA senior Iranian commander says the entire Israel is within the range of the missiles of the Palestinian resistance movement.

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