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9721 Israel's new settlement 'brushes out peace' Administrator 398
9722 AL rejects Israel's partial freeze proposal Administrator 395
9723 Israel clarifies 'delay' in settlement work Administrator 373
9724 Israeli settlements 'prompting third intifada' Administrator 409
9725 Israelis kill Palestinian child in West Bank Administrator 426
9726 Freed female prisoner discloses Israel's cruelty Administrator 421
9727 Israel accuses Palestinian of plot against Ashkenazi Administrator 458
9728 Israel accuses Palestinian of plot against Ashkenazi Administrator 370
9729 Despite mounting pressure, Israel ups settlements Administrator 384
9730 Poll: Most Israelis see Obama as pro-Palestinian Administrator 400
9731 Archbishop Tutu calls on Israel to engage Hamas Administrator 382
9732 Egypt calls for settlement freeze in Jerusalem Administrator 411
9733 Abbas to hold elections if Hamas talks fail Administrator 471
9734 Fatah: No concession on al-Quds Administrator 437
9735 Fatah holds 1st internal vote in 20 years Administrator 421
9736 Jewish fundamentalists storm al-Aqsa Mosque Administrator 418
9737 Obama 'unshakebaly committed to Israel security' Administrator 458
9738 'Abbas played role in Arafat assassination plot' Administrator 447
9739 Germany wants restrictions on Palestinians eased Administrator 413

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Al-Quds Is Too Sacred to Be Liberated by Traitors, Hypocrites!
Massive demonstrations in Turkey on the occasion of Jerusalem Day
International Quds Day in Islamabad, Pakistan
Quds Day marked in Larqana, Sindh Pakistan
Quds Day marked in Indonesia
Quds Day in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Quds Day marked in Sokoto, Nigeria
International Quds Day Marked in US Capital
Afghan People Hold Anti-Israeli Demos on Quds Day
International Quds Day Rally held in Hyderabad, India
Thousands of UK protesters mark Quds Day in London
Iran, world countries mark Quds Day with rallies