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Palestinian poetess Tatour sent to Israeli jail

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Bulk406HAIFA (PNIC):-Palestinian poet and social media activist Dareen Tatour turned herself in on Wednesday to the Israel Prison Service to serve two months that were left of her five-month prison sentence.

Dozens of Palestinians and supporters had gathered at Tatour’s home to bid her farewell as she left her house to serve her prison term.

Tatour thanked her supporters, whom she said have not left her for one moment during her ordeal.

She stressed that she was on trial for her political views, saying “this proves that Israel is a democracy for Jews only and that freedom of expression is confined to one type of people in this entity that oppresses the Arabs who thought they live in a law-abiding country.”

An Israeli court had earlier sentenced Tatour, 36, to five months in prison for a poem she published on social media titled "Resist my people, resist them", which Israel claimed it included incitement to violence.

However, after already being held for three months in prison and two years and a half under house detention, Tatour, who was first detained on October 11, 2015 during pre-dawn raid at her home, was left with more two months to serve.

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