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Israeli military court releases detained Turkish woman

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Noor78OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PNIC):-An Israeli military court has rejected an appeal filed by the Israeli military prosecution against the conditional release of Ebru Ozkan, a Turkish woman, and ordered her release. She was released later on the same day.

Ozkan, 27, appeared on Wednesday at another hearing held at the Ofer military court in the occupied West Bank after Israeli prosecutors lodged an objection on Tuesday against a previous verdict issued by the same court ordering her release on bail set at 15,000 Israeli shekels (roughly $4,125).

The Ofer court upheld the decision it had taken last Monday to conditionally release Ozkan, who has been under arrest since June 11 for allegedly aiding Hamas activists during a touristic visit to Occupied Jerusalem.

Although she was released, Ozkan would not be able to leave for  Turkey after her passport was confiscated by the Israeli police. Ankara, meanwhile, has registered its objection to her national's arrest, vowing to take appropriate steps in response.

The military court ordered her conditional release on Monday. The 27-year-old was awaiting release if the Israeli prosecutor did not appeal the verdict by Wednesday.

According to Ozkan's lawyer Omar Khamaysa, she was charged with asking to transfer money and a cellphone charger to Hamas members, but she wasn't aware of their identity. She was also charged with giving five bottles of perfume to another allegedly Hamas-affiliated Palestinian.

Ozkan is not the first Turkish national to have been recently detained by Israeli authorities.

In January, Osman Hazir, a 46-year-old Turkish citizen, was arrested for snapping a selfie at the Aqsa Mosque while holding a Turkish flag.

And last December, the Israeli police in Jerusalem arrested Abdullah Kizilirmak and Mehmet Gargili after they quarreled with officers who had tried to bar them from entering the Islamic holy site.

The same month, Adem Koç was arrested inside the Aqsa Mosque compound for allegedly disturbing the peace and taking part in an illegal demonstration.

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