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PCPA rejects any project targeting Palestinian question, UNRWA

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Bulk381ISTANBUL (PNIC):-The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) has voiced its rejection of any project or plan targeting the Palestinian cause and the UNRWA, and reiterated its call for rebuilding the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) upon national foundations.

This came in a closing statement read at the end of the two-day meeting of the general assembly of the conference, which was held in Istanbul on June 29-30.

The PCPA’s general assembly has expressed its rejection of the new project aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause, which is called “the deal of the century” or “the ultimate deal” and warned of its widespread dangers and threats.

The statement expressed confidence that the Palestinian people alongside the Arab and Muslim nations would succeed in confronting and frustrating the so-called deal of the century.

It underlined that “the development of the national role of the Palestinians abroad and their involvement in the Palestinian political decision-making must be based on the restructuring of the PLO in its capacity as the legitimate representative of all Palestinians.”

It said that the recent meeting of the Palestinian National Council, which was held in Ramallah city in the presence of the Israeli occupation, took place with no complete legitimacy and representation, and stressed the need for holding fair and transparent democratic elections leading to the formation of a new PLO’s National Council and Executive Committee.

It called for reactivating the agreements of the national dialog, including the call for activating the unified Palestinian leadership framework.

The general assembly also urged the Arab masses to strongly reject the accelerating steps taken by some Arab parties to normalize relations with the Israeli occupation and to move to prevent those parties from committing “rogue mistakes” that affect their principled commitment to Palestine.

Its statement called for sparing the Palestinian cause any internal and sectarian conflicts in the Arab region and pooling the efforts to support it.

The statement warned of the dangerous impacts of targeting and undermining the UNRWA on the issue of the Palestinian refugees, emphasizing the importance of helping this agency to continue assuming its duties fully towards the Palestinian people until their return to the homeland and areas they were expelled from.

It called for ending all forms of suffering, mass punishment and displacement which the Palestinian people are being exposed to in all areas of their presence, enabling them to live decent and secured lives, and providing them with their human and civil rights.  

The general assembly paid tribute to all the participants in the March of Return protests in Gaza, which “reflected the Palestinian people’s determination to wrest their right to return.”

It demanded an end to the Israeli blockade on Gaza as well as the sanctions imposed by the Palestinian Authority, and condemned the suppression of popular freedoms and rallies in Ramallah and other areas of the West Bank.

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