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Hamas condemns closing, merging UNRWA schools

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Noor12BEIRUT (PNIC):-Hamas Movement on Tuesday affirmed their refusal of the policy of closing and merging UNRWA’s schools and warned of theconsequences.

The official of Hamas’s Office of Refugees’ Affairs in Lebanon, Abu Ahmad Fadel, said that the UNRWA measures affect the education process. He asserted that the UNRWA schools in Lebanon need development and expansion due to the increasing number of students each year instead of shutting down or merging.

He cautioned that the UNRWA’s decision affects the education services and accordingly the academic achievements of Palestinian students. Fadel added that the UNRWA resolution also denies huge number of students their right to education and will force them to move to expensive schools which fees are not affordable.

the Hamas official also asked the education department at UNRWA to cancel  its resolution.

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