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Bill to deduct salaries of martyrs, prisoners from PA funds okayed

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Gaza25Jan2NAZARETH (PNIC):-The so-called Committee of Foreign Affairs and Security of the Israeli Knesset on Monday approved a bill to deduct the salaries paid to the families of Palestinian prisoners and martyrs from the tax revenues transferred to the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The Hebrew TV channel 7 reported that the committee ratified the bill in the second and third readings and cancelled the item which provides the government flexibility in deciding whether or not to deduct the payments.

The bill stipulates that Israel's Minister of Finance cut the monthly salaries paid by the PA to the families of martyrs and prisoners from the tax revenues Israel allegedly hands over to the PA.

According to the bill's proposal, the PA transfers 7% of its budget, estimated at 1.1 billion shekels ($ 300 million), financed largely by US and European aid, to pay salaries for the families of Palestinian prisoners and martyrs involved in anti-occupation attacks.

Except for MK for Meretz party Issawi Frej, the other members of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and Security voted in favor of a new bill to deduct funds from the tax revenues paid to the PA to compensate the farmers of the Israeli settlements neighboring the Gaza Strip for the damages caused in their lands by fires sparked by burning kites sent from the coastal enclave.

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