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MP Qarawi slams PA forces for arresting and assaulting ex-detainee

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Gaza6Mar10WEST BANK (PNIC):-Palestinian lawmaker Fathi al-Qarawi has strongly denounced the Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces for detaining ex-detainee Hikmat Odeh on Wednesday and brutally assaulting him until he lost consciousness in front of his family, describing what they did as “no less horrific than Israel’s daily practices against the Palestinian people.”

In a press release, Qarawi stressed that the PA forces’ arrest, humiliation and abuse of ex-detainees and innocent citizens cannot be tolerated, warning that such practices would increase the state of indignation among the Palestinians in the West Bank.

“After the incident of explosive devices in Illar town, which targeted the occupation, the PA forces embarked on arresting dozens of citizens on suspicion. They arrested all those who participated one day in resisting the occupation and barbarically abused them,” the lawmaker said.

He also pointed to the exposure of citizens to persecution and detention by the PA forces for carrying placards or pictures supporting Palestinian prisoners or for social media postings.

Qarawi urged the Palestinian factions to intervene to curb such practices and resist such reality which the PA security agencies try to impose on the Palestinian people.

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