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Palestinians jailed without trial boycott Israeli courts for 20th day

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Gaza14Oct6RAMALLAH (PNIC):-Palestinian detainees being locked up administratively, with neither charge nor trial, in Israeli jails have maintained their decision to boycott Israeli courts for the 20th consecutive day.

The prisoners started their strike in protest against their illegal detention, as well as due to the dramatic surge in the number of Palestinians sentenced administratively by the Israeli occupation authorities.

In a statement issued sometime earlier, the prisoners said that boycotting the courts is the cornerstone of their endeavors to face the “oppressive” Israeli policies.

There are currently 450 Palestinian prisoners being held administratively in Israeli lock-ups, many among them have had their terms renewed without charge or trial. A number of detainees have been jailed under similar tags for terms that have reached up to 14 years.

In 2017 alone, 1,060 administrative detention sentences were issued by the occupation authorities against Palestinian prisoners, down from 1,742 in 2016.

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