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Israeli court extends detention of Palestinian prisoner

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Gaza6June1NAZARETH (PNIC):-Israeli Magistrate's Court in Acre on Monday extended the detention of a Palestinian prisoner for ten days as Israeli police claim he deliberately ran over three Israeli soldiers in the city last Sunday.

The police said in a statement that the 10-day extension aims at continuing investigation procedures with the captive on suspicion of his carrying out a ramming attack for nationalistic reasons.

For his part, the lawyer of the prisoner, Adel Thabbah, denied the existence of any nationalistic motives behind the incident and asserted that the captive is innocent.

The lawyer elaborated that the Palestinian detainee was with the company of his pregnant wife in their car heading to a medical center to do some tests, which makes it insane to put his wife and his baby at risk by such an action.

Israeli police shot and moderately injured the captive, who is from Shefa Amr city in 1948 Occupied Palestine, after the charge of deliberate car-ramming attack against three Israelis.

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