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Gaza heading toward humanitarian and economic disaster: Hayek

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Gaza21JuneGAZA (PNIC):-Head of the Palestinian Businessmen Association in Gaza, Ali al-Hayek, on Saturday warned that the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM) has caused further deterioration in the economic situation in the Gaza Strip.

Al-Hayek said in a press statement that although four years have passed since the last Israeli aggression on Gaza, the reconstruction process is still slow because of the blockade and the GRM agreement which prevents the free entry of the needed building materials.

He explained that during the period 14th October 2014-10th February 2018,  2.7 million tons of building materials were brought into Gaza covering only 43% of its needs in that period.

The Palestinian official warned that the Gaza Strip is heading toward a real humanitarian and economic disaster that will adversely affect every aspect of life in the besieged enclave.

Al-Hayek noted that the unemployment rate in Gaza has increased to 46.6% with over 250,000 workers and 176,000 graduates unemployed, not to mention the unprecedentedly high poverty rate which exceeds 65%. He affirmed that one million of Gaza residents rely on aid from UNRWA and other international relief organizations.

He called for prioritizing the Palestinian citizens' interests away from political differences, stressing that the Palestinian people in Gaza deserve to live in dignity.

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