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Thousands of lives at risk as Gaza hospitals undergo fuel dearth

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Gaza2Aug2GAZA (PNIC):-Increasing shortages of fuel are creating an impending crisis for Gaza’s hospitals, threatening the closure of essential health services which would leave thousands of patients without access to life-saving health care.

Health Ministry spokesman, Ashraf al-Qidrah, said the health system’s fuel reserves are insufficient and if a solution is not found, Gaza’s hospitals will be forced to partially or completely close essential services.

Al-Qidrah also warned of the possibility of delayed or canceled surgeries and inter-prison transfers if no urgent action is taken on the part of the concerned authorities.

He said children diagnosed with renal failure have not received treatment over the past couple of days as a result of the crisis.

The situation is, thus, particularly dire for patients with severe illnesses who are now concerned over the course of their treatment.

The official added that efforts have been underway to secure urgent transfers of children and those with critical diseases to al-Rantisi Health Center to undergo kidney dialysis. However, more sustainable solutions are urgently sought to overcome the crisis before it is too late.

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