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You are here: Gaza Hamas slams Mladenov for calling legitimate resistance “terror”

Hamas slams Mladenov for calling legitimate resistance “terror”

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Gazqa12Aug1GAZA (PNIC):-The Hamas Movement has strongly denounced UN envoy for Middle East peace Nikolay Mladenov for labeling the legitimate Palestinian resistance of the Israeli occupation as “terrorism.”

“Mladenov knows well that according to international law, the occupation that kills children, violates the sanctity of holy sites and commit massacres is terrorism, while the resistance is a legitimate right for peoples under occupation,” Hamas stated in a press release on Wednesday.

Hamas reiterated that “the Palestinian people resist as a result of the presence of an occupying force on their land and to defend their usurped rights.”

In social media remarks on Wednesday, Mladenov condemned the Nablus shooting attack. “There is no justification for terror and those who condone it, praise it or glorify it. This is not the path to peace. The perpetrators of yesterday’s attack must be brought to justice,” he wrote.

Resistance fighters on Tuesday evening managed to open fire at a Jewish settler near an illegal settlement in Nablus. The settler was later pronounced dead in an Israeli hospital.

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