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IOF demolish Palestinian own carwash

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Gaza4May16OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PNIC):-The Israeli occupation forces demolished on Tuesday a Palestinian building in Wad al-Humus, south of Occupied Jerusalem.

The facility’s owner Ahmed Bkeirat said Israeli forces, escorted by bulldozers, razed his well-equipped carwash to the ground under the pretext of unlicensed construction.

The building, covering an area of half a dunum and formerly owned by Ahmed’s father, was expected to be inaugurated later in the day.

On November 26, the Israeli municipality issued an order to demolish the carwash, shortly after which the owner’s lawyer objected the order. However, the building was reduced to rubble in less than 10 days.

Ahmed said the carwash is the only source of living for his family and children.

Earlier in the day, Israeli bulldozers demolished the foundations of a Palestinian building in Ras Shahada, northeast of Occupied Jerusalem, and notified the demolition of 10 Palestinian facilities near the apartheid wall under the pretext of unlicensed construction.

At least seven Palestinian buildings were knocked down by the Israeli occupation forces and authorities in November. Two others were self-demolished by their owners for fear of being heavily fined by the occupation authorities.

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