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Clashes in Nablus after settlers and soldiers storm eastern area

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Gaza16May6NABLUS (PNIC):-Violent clashes broke out at dawn Wednesday between Palestinian young men and Israeli soldiers in the eastern area of Nablus city after hundreds of Jewish settlers entered the area to perform rituals at Joseph’s Tomb.

Local sources said that dozens of young men blocked roads in the eastern area with rocks and burning tires after midnight and confronted Israeli soldiers and their patrol vehicles by throwing stones and Molotov cocktails.

Consequently, several local young men suffered injuries during the events, which took place mainly on Amman road and at the entrance to Balata refugee camp.

The skirmishes started after Israel troops aboard military vehicles, including a bulldozer, stormed the eastern area of Nablus and spread through its streets in order to provide protection for buses and cars carrying scores of settlers.

Eyewitnesses said that hundreds of settlers aboard buses and cars gathered at first at the Beit Furik checkpoint east of the city before heading for the area where Joseph’s Tomb is located after the bulldozer cleared the way for them.

They added that the settlers were dancing, singing, and screaming loudly and hysterically at Joseph’s Tomb for long hours, which caused a disturbance to local residents.

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