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Israeli forces arrest 4 Jerusalemites for commemorating martyr

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Gaza11Oct4OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PNIC):-Israeli police on Tuesday rounded up four Jerusalem youths, from Wad al-Joze neighborhood for hanging posters and handing over brochures in Occupied Jerusalem that praise martyr Misbah Abu Esbaih on the first anniversary of his martyrdom, according to Israeli 0404 news website.

Abu Esbaih carried out two shooting attacks in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the Occupied Jerusalem on October 09, 2016. The anti-occupation shooting attacks led to the death of two Israelis and the injury of six others. His body is still detained by Israeli authorities.

In a similar context, two Palestinian prisoners in Ashkelon jail, Ali al-Barghouti from Ramallah and Ibrahim Abu Mustafa from Gaza, have been suffering deteriorated health conditions due to medical negligence by the Israeli Prison Service (IPS), according to a lawyer of Detainees and Ex-detainees Committee.

Captive Barghouti, who participated in the latest hunger strike, said that he is suffering from irregular heartbeat. The IPS has been procrastinating in offering him medical checkup in order to diagnose his condition, he added.

As for prisoner Abu Mustafa, who has been detained since 2003 and sentenced to 15 years, he complains of pain in the liver in addition to other problems in the heart and stomach as well as high blood cholesterol. He takes 28 painkiller pills every day, the lawyer highlighted.

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