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Palestinians perform prayers at outside Jerusalem home

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Gaza12AugOCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PNIC):-Dozens of Palestinians performed Friday prayer at noontime outside a Palestinian home in Occupied Jerusalem in defiance to an evacuation order issued by the Israeli police.

The Palestinians prayed in congregation on Friday outside the home of the Palestinian citizen Ayoub Shamasna in al-Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Occupied Jerusalem in protest at Israeli threats to forcibly evacuate the building on Sunday in favor of settlement societies.

Sheikh Ekrema Sabri who led the prayer said, in the sermon, that the Jerusalemite families are the original inhabitants of the occupied city of Jerusalem in general and in al-Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in particular.

Sheikh Sabri condemned the Israeli policy of home demolition and recalled that Palestine is a “Waqf” land which means Jews have no right to it. He stressed that they are merely occupying the Palestinian land.

Shamasna family is one of at least 130 families whose homes, east of Occupied Jerusalem especially in al-Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, the Old City, Silwan town and Beit Safafa, are threatened with evacuation.

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