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Hamas gears up to release political profile charter

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Gaza2MayDOHA (PNIC):-A meeting to be held by political bureau chairman of Hamas, Khaled Mishaal, on Monday is expected to culminated in the release of an official document delineating Hamas political profile.

According to a statement by Hamas, a meeting is slated to take place in Doha in the evening to announce the group’s political views. A number of academics and journalists will be in attendance.

Hamas chief, Khaled Mishaal, said the document will be revealed to the public after one year of work. It does not replace, in any way, the group’s founding charter issued in the late 1980s.

According to Hamas leaders, the document will clarify Hamas positions regarding several issues emerging on the regional and wider international scene.

Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas believes that armed resistance is the only means to liberate the occupied Palestinian territories and oust the Israeli occupation. It firmly rebuffs to succumb to pressure, including by the International Quartet, to recognize Israel as a legitimate entity.

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