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Hamas honors sick Gazan detainees in Israeli jails

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Gaza11HAMAS (PNIC):-A ceremony was held by Hamas, in partnership with Waed Association, to pay tribute to the Palestinian sick detainees held in Israeli jails.

The ceremony was held outside the home of sick prisoner Murad Abu M’eilaq, in a symbolic move aiming to honor sick prisoners in Israeli lock-ups.

Hamas leaders and representatives of the Islamic Jihad, al-Ahrar Movement, and the civil society were in attendance.

Hamas leader Youssef Farhat said the ceremony comes to remind the Israeli occupation that the Palestinian people will never throw in the towel.

“Hamas will never ever forget the Palestinian detainees held behind Israeli prison bars and who are currently engaged in ‘the battle of empty stomachs and iron will’,” said Farhat. “Victory is within reach and the people and the Palestinian resistance will forever stand up for the prisoners’ cause.”

Ex-prisoner Aymen al-Sharawna also said the ceremony is a stopover in the Palestinian national liberation struggle to speak up for the victims of torture in Israeli penitentiaries.

At the end of the ceremony, Hamas and Waed paid homage to the sick detainees Murad Abu M’eilaq and Iyad Abu Nasser, along with the ex-prisoner Ali al-Haj, who was released a few days earlier.

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