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Hamas denies receiving Egyptian invitation for national dialog

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ismailradwanGAZA, (PNIC)
The leader in Hamas Movement Ismail Radwan denied Thursday evening that his group had received an Egyptian official invitation for national dialogue in Cairo.

"We welcome any Egyptian effort towards a national dialogue achieving a national reconciliation," Radwan told the PINC reporter.

He also hailed the Egyptian central role in patronizing the Palestinian reconciliation file.

Radwan pointed to the Egyptian intention to alleviate the suffering of the people of Gaza and to open the Rafah border crossing.

He called on the Egyptian authorities to accelerate such positive steps, expressing gratitude to the Egyptian response to Gaza’s humanitarian needs.

On the other hand, Radwan called on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to implement his recent positive statements made on Wednesday about the reconciliation file.

Abbas has the key for achieving the national reconciliation, he said.

"We need deeds not words," he underlined, stressing his Movement’s total readiness for political partnership.

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