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Abu al-Subuh: Captives are forced to go through daily humiliating strip searches

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plf_abu_alGAZA, Dr. Attallah Abu al-Subuh, Minister of Captives and Ex-captives, said that Palestinian captives in Israeli occupation jails started their escalatory hunger strike on Wednesday and Thursday and will continue until Saturday, to protest the measures of the occupation authorities against them.

"The captives are forced to go through daily strip searches and our female captives face the worst forms of torture and oppression by the occupation," he said during a press conference on Thursday.He also pointed out that the occupation insists on denying the captives education, medical treatment, sleep and visitation by family and lawyers.He stressed that the captives are facing a vicious onslaught of torture, oppression and Nazism, which has forced them to go on hunger strike.Abu al-Subuh called on international organisations, the Palestinian society and the free people of the world to stand by the captives and support their cause, and called on people in the media to expose the occupation practices against those captives.For his part, Muhyeddin Abu Daqqa, representative of the resistance factions, said that the practices against Palestinian captives and MP Ahmed Attoun, will not pass unnoticed, stressing that the resistance forces are in solidarity with the captives behind bars.Abu Daqqa held occupation responsible for the life of MP Attoun, calling on the UN Security Council to pass a law which puts a limit to the piracy of the occupation.

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